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pn63c8000 wont power on, LED flashes

wont power up, LED standby flashes 3 times as it makes a clicking noise but will not power on. I will unplug it and it just repeats the sequence, i have unplugged and held the power button for 1 minute still same sequence, i have unplugged for several hours still same sequence. Bear in mind this model does not hve power button but rather etched power symbol on clear glass edging TV frame.

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@cma11en remove the back cover from your TV and post some good pictures of your boards and interconnect cables with your QUESTION. That way we can see what you see Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen


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Hi @cma11en ,

there are a several posts with this issue. In 99% it’s capacitors fault. So disassemble your TV to the PCBAs and visually check the assembled capacitors, if there is no visible damage, you will have harder work, because the capacitors are having some electronics properties, but you will never measure the right value (in-circuit measuring), for 100% test your capacitors, you have to un-solder capacitors and measure the capacity by capacity test and rechargeable curve (also discharging curve), then compare the characteristics with the datasheet. So I’m suggesting you exchange all of the electrolyte capacitors on the power board (assuming to your power’s PCBA is without visual damage). The cost of the capacitors will be near to 5$ per all, so it’s very cheap repair…

For this repair you don’t need knowledge about measuring by multimeter or by an oscilloscope, it’s beginner soldering.

For more details and confirming please visit cnet forum with the same post.

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You need to post the pictures of your TV. You can find that the capacitor is damaged, so change the ones that are damaged. You’ll have to do this for every one of them.

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