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Silk epil 7 shaver head

The shaver head of the Silk epil 7 has a net on the top that gets damaged often. The company produces replaceable nets but I believe that if you have at least an extra net (from a previous shaver head that was replaced) it is possible to repair the part of the net that is broken. I would like to know if someone has tips on how it can be done.

I am attaching the photo

Block Image

of this part.

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I can only offer a suggestion, the harder you push while shaving, the faster the net will get damaged, if you dont push hard enough, then you dont get a close shave. I recommend aggressive disassembly of the damaged unit to see what you need to do on another unit with a good net to see what would be required to repair one the correct way while waiting to see if somebody has done this before. Good luck.


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I don’t think there is any way to do that. The best thing you can do is replace that net with a new one.



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