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Why does my Frigidaire fridge not hold the set temperature for long?

My refrigerator is set to 35 degrees. Since a week, after I open the fridge in the morning to take something out, it eventually increases up to 52deg rapidly. When I leave home for 7-8 hours, it goes back to 35. I don’t leave the door open for too long at all. It is a 2 door, bottom freezer Frigidaire fridge. So I think:

  • The temperature rises rapidly even after opening for a second and the fridge only cools down if it is left untouched for 7-8 hours. First in the morning, it is always at 35 (so the fridge DOES have the ability to reach the set temperature, but it increases even with a little disturbance)
  • This started after I took out the the veggie tray to clean and put it back. There are no controls at the back of the veggie tray.
  • Freezer works fine.

How can I handle this? Thanks!

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Hi @happysukh ,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?

It could be a faulty evaporator fan (with the compressor motor running, place your ear against the refrigerator cabinet and listen for a fan stopping when you open a door and starting again when the door is shut. Don’t be confused by the condenser fan - outside the cabinets, which may be operating all the time and won’t stop when a door is opened)

If you cannot hear the evaporator fan it could also be because it is iced up or the fan motor is faulty or a problem with the fan’s operating circuit.

An iced up fan could be caused by a faulty defrost heater or defrost thermostat.

It could also be a faulty door switch. If the refrigerator has external door switches in the door jambs (i.e. you can see them) manually operate a switch, simulating that the door is closed and check if the lights go out and if you can hear the evaporator fan start up. If there are no visible door switches then you have magnetic switches and we'll need to know the model number to find their location.

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4A3256218 it will it stay cooled


@Sharon Baker

What is the brand name of the refrigerator as I can't find anything when searching for the "model" number?

Please verify that it is the model number and not the serial number

Is it only the refrigerator compartment that will not stay cool or also the freezer compartment as well?


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There could be a problem with the small motor that blows cold air from the freezer into the refrigerator.

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