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The Asus X53E is a 15.6-inch Windows laptop released by Asus in 2011.

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Asus X53U doesn't turn on

I found a burned-out microchip on our Asus X53U PBL60 LA-7322P Rev: 1A, but I couldn’t find it on the internet after reading the surfaces of the same components PQ206, PQ701 etc. It looks like 740B BV1HC32 , however, I’m not quite sure without a magnifying glass. Could anyone help to recognise it?)

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @organicnz ,

I think it could be PQ202 and it’s component AON7408L_DFN8-5, same as PQ206, PQ108, PQ303, PQ305, PQ501 and PQ701. It looks like the capacitors are burned too. If they are defective and you don’t know the PN, measure please, if they are connected to the ground or not, then, let me know.

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Huge thanks for the quick response mate I very much appreciate :)

I'd like to order a MOSFET from Aliexpress while looking for a multi-meter lol

Is this one below compatible with mine?

Also, can I use a slightly bigger ceramic capacitors if those are broken as well?



Hi @organicnz,

I'm suggesting you order the same component as was placed. See https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/n... or contact electronics shops like RS Components, TME, Farnell or Ges to request a quote.

About the capacitors, if you will place bigger capacitors, it won't be a problem, the SMD capacitors are placed, because of small size and high capacitance. But be careful about the capacitance and working voltage, however, if they are connected to the ground, don't care about the 100% compatibility.


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