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Upgrading from HDD. What thermal pad for m2 SSD?

I have an XPS 15 9570 (base model with the 2.5” hard drive and no m2 SSD).

Now I want to upgrade it with an nvme SSD (970 Evo). I know that the systems that shipped with nvme's have a cooling pad between the SSD and the bottom case.

What thickness is this pad, and where can I get something like it? Any clues and or leads greatly appreciated!

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On eBay they sell the m.2 heatsink and cooling pad combo with the silicone rings to hold it together.

Alternatively you can use the green / white thermal pads that are mushy which is compatible with a variety of laptops.

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I don't think the heatsink cooling pad would work because of size. The pad needs to fit between the SSD and the case of the laptop.

It's the mushy pads that I think I need, but I don't know the thickness or even what material they are (or where to get one)


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