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Modell A1418 / Ende 2012 / 2,7 & 2,9 GHz Core i5 oder 3,1 GHz Core i7 Prozessor

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Disk erase failed "Couldn't open device"

I bought a new SSD “Crucial MX500 2 TB“ to update my iMac 21.5 inch late 2012, so first i connected it using external SATA cable with USB 3.0 and tried to format it to be able to clone my old drive to my new SSD but the operation of erasing has failed and i get the message of "Couldn't open device" , i tried to change the format and also tried another MacBook air and even used terminal to do it but nothing ever succeeded in erasing the SSD. ANY Suggestions Please?

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First, find a trash can and throw away your cloning App! They often make more of a mess than helpful!

Did you use macOS Disk Utility to format your drive? Also what is your version of macOS you are using?

I do recommend you setup a USB thumb drive OS installer before moving forward it, just in case!

You are likely to hit a problem with your OS installer image files as Apple messed up the certificates! Here’s more on what happened If you've got an old macOS install image, it will probably stop working today

Here’s the updated installers:

Jump down to Step 4 for the direct file links.

Instead of using your cloning app use Apples Migration Assistant while it will take a bit longer it validates each file and it won’t over write your fresh OS install. Lastly, the recovery partition and file system structure will be properly installed.

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