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A helpful collection of toaster repair and disassembly guides.

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Toaster broke with a blue flash and bang when levers pressed down?

The kitchen circuit breaker tripped as well. What’s likely to have broken inside the toaster to have caused this?

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The most likely cause for the breaker to trip is excess current flow.

There must have been a short circuit connection either between active and the neutral wires or between the active wire and earth, in the toaster.

It could have been a faulty switch breaking down and causing a short circuit connection between active and earth or the heater element going short circuit or even just the wiring insulation rubbing on the frame and breaking down and touching the frame of the toaster

You need to open the toaster and check for burnt wiring and / or electrical “flash burn marks” to see where the trouble is. You can also use an Ohmmeter to trace the path through the toaster to find the problem area. Start at the plug and trace each wire in from the plug to the toaster and then through the switch and heater etc.

If you spot something and you’re not sure, post some images back here.

Here’s how to do this

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