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2,3GHz, 2,6GHz oder 2,7GHz Quadcore Intel Core i7 Prozessor (Turbo Boost bis zu 3,7GHz) mit 6MB geteiltem L3 Cache.

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Replace 15 inch MacBook Pro (Retina Mid 2012) screen


I have been looking around for a broken Macbook to repair and came across a 15” MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) with a cracked but functional screen. Is it possible to replace the glass only on this model.

I’m trying to find out from the seller exactly what model it is as in A#### but I’m awaiting a reply.

Any help welcomed please.

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If you can find the S/N on the bottom cover you can plug it into here EveryMac - Lookup. If you have an external display you can also use it to see the 'About This Mac' which will also show the systems details. The last way is to connect your system to another mac via a Ethernet cable and then use Go > Computer {Shift (⇧) and Command (⌘) and the C keys} to access it remotely (if you have the user account info for the system)


Thanks for that Dan but I was specifically after info on replacing the screen glass


@pedro147 - @arbaman answered that part.


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No, there’s no replaceable glass on retina screens, the panel itself is a one piece sandwich of about 1mm thickness which is already on its own very difficult to remove from the display without going in thousand pieces and without damaging the underlying backlight sheets. Unless one has great experience in screen refurbishing and tools, a display assembly replacement is the only reasonable solution.

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arbaman so it seems that they are replaceable but quite tricky to do from a few videos that I have seen on Youtube. Thanks for the warning.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHbdmks-... plus there are others but yes, not sure if I am confident to try but we'll see :)


@pedro147 Well, that's not the glass, as I said there's no glass to replace, it's the full retina panel replacement. Unlike the glass of pre-retina screens, that you could still buy for round about 20/30$ the retina screen costs somewhat like 10 fold that amount and as you can see from the video you link it's not an easy job even for the single biggest Mac repairs indipendent lab in the western world.

Chances the job will give bad results for a first timer are close to 100%, just wanted to warn you..it's not my money and my time ;)


Thanks arbaman I see now and I think that you are right. I appreciate your time so I'll look for a full assembly


Thanks for the link to the guide Dan


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