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{A1989 / EMC3214}—Erschienen im Juli 2018. Das 13" MacBook Pro ist mit Quad-Core i5 und i7 Prozessoren und Intel Iris Plus integrierter Grafik ausgestattet.

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Wont charging after logicboard transferred from one mac to another

Hi all,

I had a Macbook Pro 2018 with Touchbar a1989. I broke half of my mac. Its 30% is bended to one side.(Do not ask what happened :)) My mac was working fine with all these situation and with an external display. I used it for a while. So then i decided to buy another outer metal case from ebay. I found one and bought it. This donor case has display, keyboard, touchbar and batteries in it but no logic board. So i transferred my logic board to my donor.


# Mac won’t open without a power supply.

  1. None of the usb c ports charges and feeds the Mac except the one near the power button.(The first on the top right,)
  2. After plug the charger to the top right usb-c port Mac successfully powered on.
  3. It was showing always 1% of battery and always show the hour 16.
  4. Whenever i unplug the charger mac shuts itself down immediately.
  5. Touch Id scanner also not working.

What i tried to solve the issue:

  1. Reset the SMC(Both with the T2 chipset) and PRAM.
  2. Unplug the battery socket from the logic board and pugged it in again.

I am thinking that this should be an issue on software level not the hardware because eveything seems fine. Maybe i am missing sth to reset smc or missing sth important.

Waiting your response thanks a lot.

Update (12/11/2019) — Fixed

Hi all,

I fix my problem by changing the whole battery set. It was a bit hard to remove the battery from the alu case but after made some research on internet i found this solution and i am thinking to share it in here might help to others.

  1. I used acetone in order to dissolve the adhesive between the battery and alu case.
  2. Before applying acetone it is better to remove touch bar(do it is super easy).
  3. Apply acetone gently and little little. Apply underneath the battery. Find a corner and shake the case slowly and direct the acetone. Be patient and give 1 min to interaction.
  4. Once you sure about the smoothness by checking the bottom side of the battery cell with a thing like credit card, push the card further. Do not push all the way in. Apply acetone once you feel hardness. You can drop the acetone on credit card while you put the card under battery cell. With that way you can give a way to the acetone through the underneath of the cell.
  5. Repeat all these steps for each cell. For the right and left cells it is better to flow down acetone from the bottom side of the case. And for the middle ones try to apply acetone from the top. The point in here you should flow through the acetone underneath the battery cells. So use any space that you found.

NOTE: In here this is your own responsibility to apply these instructions on your machines. This process could be risky and dangerous and the battery can catch fire if you damage the cells. So if you are thinking you are not good enough please let your professional repair change it for you.

Thanks a lot.

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Another finding: Touch Id scanner also not working. When i run apple diagnostics i am only getting this failure:

* The battery requires service: Ref. Code: PPT006

* There may be an issue with the System Management Controller. Ref.Code: PFM006

Ohh god it i really a pain to reset SMC Macbook Pro 2018 A1989 with T2 chip on MacOs Catalina. What the hack is this? Why they are doing everything super uber secure. Come on who cares my mac chip firmware. And who tries to hack me over one of my mac stupid chipset(T2) firmware?


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you said the original mac was badly bent, was the motherboard badly bent as well? it’s possible for mobo to have been bent and cracked internally and have still been working as the bend could have also been forcing the inner connection lines together and when removed that force was no longer applied and they separated. Louis Rossman has a lot of great videos on diagnosing charging on these devices on the mobo so could definitley be worth looking at. I will say that only 1 USB port charging device also kinda lends itself to saying mobo has damage I think. Also the 1% battery on apple devices tends to be damaged mobo components (on iphones for example, usually a capacitor next to the battery terminal). If your battery has its own daughterboard it could be battery as well.

also the new battery could be bad. never a guarantee with it, you can always transfer your mobo back to the old case loosely just enough to turn on with the battery and see if it turns on. if it does then the new battery may just be bad.

Software wise you could try and do a fresh install of mac os and see if it fixes.

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Hi the logicboard itself works perfect(charging etc...) in its bent case with an external display. The bent was on the bottom left corner without touching any electronics area. Only the speaker and a batter cell affected. Anyway thanks for your answer but i did not understand well about this mobo? Can you just show us where is this mobo located in this image? https://d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfront.net/ig...



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