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I forgot Screen Time passcode on my iPhone, how do I reset my iPhone?

I forgot my Screen Time passcode, I have to erase my device. But I find that I can't reset my iPhone because I forgot the "Screen Time | Restrictions" passcode. Any possible way to remove the forgot screen time password?

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How did you try to reset the iphone?


Call apple, they might be able to help.


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This website should help you

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To erase the iPhone for “forgot the Screen Time | Restrictions passcode “, you can reset it with the following methods:

Method 1: Erase the iPhone with iCloud

You can wipe all personal data and settings from the iPhone and reset the iPhone with Find My iPhone erase function. But the Find My iPhone should be enabled before you go to iCloud. See Apple official tutorial: https://support.apple.com/en-euro/guide/...

Method 2: Reset iPhone via iTunes

iTunes can be a powerful tool for you to reset the iPhone no matter you forgot the iPhone passcode, screen time|restirction passcode or Apple ID passcode. It can help you to do a factory restore, which erases the information and settings on your iPhone and installs the latest version of iOS. After that, the iPhone is set as the new one.


Method 3: Remove the iOS 12 Screen Time Password without Data Loss

For the iOS 12 users, they can benefit from iPhone Passcode Genius as this tool can help to delete the screen time passcode if they forgot the screen time|restriction passcode. They do not need to reset the iPhone and lose all the data and settings. You can check this article to have a view.

For the iPhone reset by iCloud and iTunes, the iPhone users can set the restore the iPhone from backup if they did make one. In this way, they can minimize data loss.

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If you forgot your screen time password, and you are using macOS Catalina 10.15.4 or iOS 13.4 and later, you can use a new feature to reset your password with an Apple ID.

For earlier macOS, iOS and iPadOS versions, or if you have never set an Apple ID to reset the screen time password, Apple recommends that you wipe and wipe the device, and then set it as a new device to delete the screen time. Unfortunately, according to Apple ’s recommendation, you must set it to a new one.

For iOS 12 users, they can benefit from the iPhone Passcode Refixer because this tool can help remove screen time passwords without resetting the iPhone and lose all data and settings. You can check this article for more information.


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