Why won't my camera turn on

So my Camera is a D300 Nikon, I have not used it for about 5 years and when I took it out again after 5 years, it worked perfectly, but as soon as I plugged it into my computer to see my pictures, first it would not let me see my pictures and second when I took it out it would not take pictures anymore and it said “Cha” on it, so then I watched lots of videos about how to fix its and after about 20 minutes of desperately trying to fix it, it finally worked. It did not say “cha” anymore and it takes pictures, but now it does not turn on, so the little screen turn on and I can take pictures, but the display, menu, big screen won’t turn on, with my sd card in, so then I tried to take the sd card out and it turned on, so it only turns on when I do not have a Sd card in. I have tried different Sd cards…

Please help me out, I love this camera, please if anyone konws what to do help me, I have no clue of what to do, I have tried everything.

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