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Released in 2011, the Satellite Pro L650 was conceived for the daily light office work which could range from surfing the web to word processing.

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How do I fix the heavy damage to my Toshiba Satellite?

My computer has been heavily damaged. Several keys work half the time, some not at all, the 3 key is stuck, causing “333333333333333333333” to continue typing until I press some key to stop it (I use backspace), a latch is broken, and the screen is so heavily damaged that I cannot see anything. I am not sure how I will be able to fix all of these problems, but I also cannot afford to buy a new one. Could you help me? Thank you!

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If you have an external monitor and keyboard, this will fix your issues at a low cost. If the 3 key keeps doing it’s thing even with the external keyboard attached, then you must disconnect the laptop’s keyboard. When you do, check and see if it has a sticker with the part number on it, then check amazon or ebay for that part. It might be worth it. Also for the monitor. It depends of course on the prices and your budget. You can also get the part numbers by checking your laptop’s model. I hope this helps! :)

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