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Wi-Fi Version des iPad Air 2, Modellnummer A 1566.

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Red screen reboot after screen repair

I replaced my ipad air 2 a1566 screen. I’m testing before sealing and only getting apple logo and red screen and reboot. Anyone have a step by step on how to fix this?

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I think that is the issues of trister i also faced that issues i solve it by changing the trister.


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Sounds like a logic board issue, it’s quite likely it got damaged when the screen was broken or possibly during replacement. Since it’s not a simple part replacement you won’t find any step by step guide on this fault, you’ll need to find someone into microsoldering who’s got skills and tools for proper troubleshooting.

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@taaha901 there's also a slight chance the home button may be the culprit, try booting without home button installed.


@xingxing Didn't think about that, but yes, it's definitely worth a try. Thanks for the addition!


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