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Der JBL Charge 4 ist ein wasserfester und Bluetooth-fähiger Lautsprecher. Er kann zusätzlich als Powerbank für Smartphones dienen. Seine Modellbezeichnung ist CHARGE4S.

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Is it meant to be able to play music under water

My JBL charger 4 stops playing music once underwater

I was under the impression that it was still meant to work under water being water proof etc n all

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The speaker has an IPX7 waterproof rating which means that it can survive undamaged if accidentally immersed in water up to 1 metre for 30 minutes.

That doesn’t mean that it will work underwater.

Bluetooth signals are degraded by the water molecules so you may be lucky to receive the signals at all if the speaker is completely immersed.

Does the speaker still work when it is not under the water?

If so then it has conformed with the IPX7 specifications.

Personally I would not tempt fate by placing any electronic devices in water. There is no guarantee that the waterproof integrity of the device has not been compromised in some way just by using the device over a period of time. Devices get bumped and accidentally dropped etc but this doesn’t mean that even though they still work that they are still waterproof. A small unnoticed crack somewhere is all that it would take to…….

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From my experience, the Bluetooth does not connect if the device connected is out of the pool, or being blocked by the pool walls.

On the other hand it does work if you use a “seawag” to cover your phone and play music using Bluetooth from the submerged phone.


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