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The Sony NEX-7 is the second generation Sony mirrorless camera announced in August 2011. It is a 24 megapixel interchangeable lens camera.

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How do I fix the inbuilt flash which is not working

The inbuilt flash has stopped working, How do I identify and fix it?

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Are you using bracketing mode (or HDR)? Have read that when using this mode the flash is fully disabled.

It may be either a faulty capacitor C901 (see p.2-2 of the service manual) that provides the voltage for the flash or perhaps it is a faulty flash unit (see p.2-4 part #65)

Here’s a link to the service manual for the camera.

You may have to contact a reputable, professional camera repair service or opt for using an external flash unit if dis-assembling the camera seems too daunting a task

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Thanks a lot

I must have disabled something

It now works



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