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Model A1199 / mit 2, 4, oder 8 GB Kapazität

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Two small SMD passives knocked off the board when fixing water damage.

Hi all, I have a question about two small components on the logic board of an iPod 2nd Nano 2nd gen. There was some water damage inside it when I opened it, and I replaced caps on the other side that were damaged. However when I was working on the section right next to the battery solder joints, two tiny passive components got knocked off the board. I tried to find a schematic online for the board number 820-1995-A that’s listed on it, but I got nothing. Does anyone know what the values of these components are supposed to be, or have the schematic?

Block Image



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@alecm schematics for any of the iPods are not available. The only way to determine the value etc. for those components is by measuring them on another board.

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I was afraid of that. If anyone has a board that they're willing to measure those component's values on, I would be very grateful :)


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