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The sedan version of the compact Toyota known as the Echo, Yaris, or Platz depending on the market. The hatchback version of the Echo/Yaris is known as the Toyota Vitz.

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My car is trying to kill me

I have a 2001 toyota echo. It keeps randomly reving high and brakes keep getting stiff. On the way home from work i couldn't keep the car under 20 mph a hour and brakes got a really stiff and locked up the front tires. Also some times it feels like it is having a hard time down shifting in to first gear. I had a tune up done just a week ago but it dint help any.

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I have no clue what happened by try to get help.


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That sounds very dangerous. If i were you, id seek a professional car repair shop to get it fixed. You could easily harm or kill yourself or others with a car like this.

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One problem was the throttle routing and making it stick. The problem with the brakes is the brake booster is going out


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