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Sony Bravia - No Image or sound - Backlight Works - Solid Green light

Hello guys, I am trying to troubleshoot my Bravia TV. This is the behavior I get:

- Powers On: green light turns on. NO Backlight by default.

- If unplug and plug while ON, I hear the rele activate.

- If unplug and plug repeatedly (twice or more), I get a backlight but no image (no menu, options or anything of the sort)

- Fuse is intact.

- I get continuity out of 2 capacitors as displayed on image while the board is fully disconnected.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Edit: First round of measurements

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Any ideas? I started by basically checking all the caps for continuity, but I dont have a diagram of the boards so it is hard to try to understand what lead to follow.

Thanks a lot in advance!!

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@herzlos even a bad capacitor may show continuity. unless you have a capacitance meter there really is no good way of checking a capacitor. What you are describing sounds more like a main board issue. check the voltages from your power board to your main board first and let us know what those are.

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@oldturkey03 thanks for the reply! I am new to TVs so, the power board would be the one with primary/secondary, and the main board would be the green one ( the one where I found the caps that have continuity), correct?

If that is the case, you would need the voltage going into the board from the 2 connectors on the bottom, correct?

Thanks a lot!


@herzlos the blue one that has the video inputs on it is the main board. Check the power connector where the ribbon cable to the main board plugs into. Measure the voltages on that connector


Hello @oldturkey03 thanks for the reply!

I measured the volts coming from the power board, and I got 12v and 3.3 volts as expected from them (at least everywhere that had a V notation on the board itself.

I also measured the voltage going to the top left and top right boards, and I see that the HV is there (393V olts), BUT the 12V going ther eis actually 10V. Could this 2 V difference mean anything?

I also measured the Voltages on the main board, again whenever it was specified and I got interesting results. I added 3 images that show the voltages on the sections I tested. Most of them were 0. Not sure what subsections within the board they are since I dont have schematics, BUT I clarify them on the images I added.

Any thoughts?



Some more measurements from the main Power Board:

- Bal Err: 0

- Inv-Err: 1.7V

- Backlight: 0

- Dimmer: 0

- H-Sync: 0

- Heter-On: 0

- Power On: 3.2V

- AC Off Det: 3.2V

- St By: 3.2V

- Everything 12V: 11.9V

- Everything 15V: 15.3V



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