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2,3GHz, 2,6GHz oder 2,7GHz Quadcore Intel Core i7 Prozessor (Turbo Boost bis zu 3,7GHz) mit 6MB geteiltem L3 Cache.

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Which SSD upgrade should I go for

So, i am about to buy the SSD upgrade for my mac and i have two choices...

OWC Drive with Read of 501mbs and Write of 503mbs at £186. This drive is made by a company.



Fledgling P12 with Read of 473mbs and Write of 465mbs at £141.15. This drive is not made by a company per say but is the result of crowdfunding for more affordable drives for the macbook pro.


So my question is this. Do i go with the cheaper one or will the 28mbs / 38mbs make enough of a difference on my mid 2012 retina that it would be worth paying the extra £45

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I'd go for the P12. I know that 3rd party SATA based SSD adapters and SSDs are fine. It's the PCIe based one that is unreliable.


What is the warranty on the cheap one? I just wrote the company to try to get more information on them.


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It shouldn't make a difference, my bigger concern is the quality of the product between the two and not so much the write speed. I sincerely doubt you will notice any major difference between the two so if you consider them both a quality product, go with the cheaper one.

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You’re not going to notice the difference. I know some people do not like OWC drives but I personally use then in my machines and have zero issues. Just be aware if you plan to use an adapter you may run into fitment issues. Good Luck!

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