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A high-end gaming laptop from Acer. Features a 17.3" display, dedicated GPU, and a modular bay for either an optical drive or cooling module.

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steam vr glitchy with quick movements

my friend owns a predator g9-591 with an aorus external graphics card and steam vive. about 2 months ago it started happening. quick movements and holding your arms out caused the game to lag and sort of skip a frame or two.

pls help

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Hi @fegelein3290 ,

Have you checked that the latest video drivers for the graphics card is installed?


Yes, he said he has


And he uses steam vr, it began 1-2 months ago


His graphics card is an aorus GTX 1070


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Hi @fegelein3290

Here’s a link that may be of some help in finding out what’s happening.

Also assuming that the OS is Win 10 go to Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update > Update History and check when the last Feature Update was installed and if the problem started happening around that time.

Just some thoughts.

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It did not work.


its ok. i guess it is a bit outdated anyway, may be not be supported anymore


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