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A portable, rechargeable jumpstarter that can provide instant jumpstarts for cars and trucks.

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Duralast 700 peak amp turned to a lithium battery charger?

So I bought a Duralast 700 peak amp jumper pack actually two of them and both just died throw out the first one and the second one I kept around and was thinking if there is a way turn it into a battery charger for my Ryobi 18v batteries bought them I'm a yard sale but didn't come with a charger so I wanted to know thank you all.

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That would have a Lead Acid battery, the charge would only go to 13.6VDC (if thecharger were left plugged in to AC power).

Usually these die because the battery is allowed to fully discharge (just before you needed it).

So the simple answer is, it is not economically feasible to directly recreate this device.

That being said, if one were to integrate the RYOBI charger in place of the existing charging circuit and patch the battery circuit to the chargers +&- terminals of the batteries circuit (inside the charger) .

You might have a RYOBIish portable power unit with a replicable battery.

You might even add an inverter for 120vAC power.

Go crazy just remember you could end up burning down your house , electrocuting yourself, maybe causing world war III.

just publish your progress so we can all learn what NOT to do.

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