Why is my right headphone not working?

recently my headsets right headphone stopped working but still works on the left side. seemed to have happened all of a sudden and from what i believe it isn’t a blown speaker since it was playing anything really loud when it went. i’m not sure if it might be a cable or something inside that’s fried but i can take picture of the board if needed.

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same here, the part where the right speaker connects to the main part of the headset is damaged to the point wherein most positions I sit or stand there will be no audio coming from it


My left side just randomly stopped workong as well.. only had it a few months. Is this fixable or am I SOL?


@davenox5 so your headset should be still under warranty if its a steel series headset and its been only a few months their warranty should cover it since it lasts a year. it is possible to fix this issue bit might be a bit pricey depending on where you live and what repair shop has access to the tools to repair. based on my experiences it i had to replace the whole driver.


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