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After display swap, my mum can’t swipe/scroll. Everyone else can?

My mum dropped her Huawei P9 and shattered the glass. I ordered a totally new display with frame for her and swapped it with the broken in her phone. Everything works fine for me, my father and my brother, but my mum can’t swipe or scroll on the phone. She can perfectly fine use the keyboard and open apps though? What can be wrong? I tried to reconnect the connectors and cleaning them without any luck.

She could swipe/scroll perfectly on the broken screen. Very weird?

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@autzen just to verify EVERYBODY can swipe, scroll etc. on this particular phone except your mom? That would be very weird


Exactly. Or well I’ve only tried with 3 other people so far. But yes. This is the case after I swapped the display


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@autzen if this only applies to your mom and if everybody else can use it properly, then the issue is not your work or the display. Somehow your mom has trouble with the capacitive layers of the touch screen. You can of course replace it one more time, but this time use a different vendor and see if that makes a difference. There may be some interrupt between your mom and those layers. Weird and would love to hear more about it.

Update (01/26/2020)

@autzen okay just read some interesting studies on something they refer to as “Zombie Finger” Check this out. Keep your mom but replace the screen one more time. I bet it’s an aftermarket supplier issue. Check your phone setup and see if you can change the sensitivity of the touchscreen anywhere in the menu.

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Yeah I’ve also read about Zombie fingers today, but I don’t think that’s the issue since she could easily use the cracked screen before my swap, and she also uses her iPad without any issues.

The phone is getting old, so if a total restore doesn’t work I think it’s better to just buy a new phone. The value of the phone doesn’t really justify yet another new screen.

Still strange though. And what’s even more strange is that if my mum touches my skin, it doesn’t work for me either haha


I think that Zombie Finger (love that term) may be an issue here probably based on the way this replacement screen was made. I would not just bin the phone. At least try and sell it or give it to somebody so that it does not end up as eWaste somewhere. Remember to Reduce Reuse Repurpose


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