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A1708/EMC 3164 — Veröffentlicht im Juni 2017, behält dieses MacBook Pro Einsteigermodell die traditionelle Funktionstasten bei (im Gegensatz zur OLED Touch Bar).

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Display Colors Changed Suddenly To Weird Tone

Hello all,

First of all, I’ve done all the software related checks (External display, Invert colors check, SVRAM-NVRAM reset, Hard Format etc.). The problem is definitely hardware related.

After 3-4 months past of my warranty end, out of nowhere, my MacBook screen started to display the colors weirdly;

Block Image

At first, the colors were normal until I open the lid to 30 degrees, but it was going weird if I opened more.

After 1 week like this, the display went completely crazy and showed the colors weirdly the moment I opened the lid.

I brought it to Authorized Apple Service and they checked my device. After that, they called me and told that the problem was not in the flex cables or any other cable from the motherboard side. They suspected that the problem was in the cables from the display area but in cases like this, they directly change the display and charge the customer, according to their procedure.

The funny part is, even they could not define the root cause for this issue. They said that they are also experiencing this issue for the first time.

Actually, I am very disappointed to see that if your warranty has ended, Apple does not do anything if your computer stops working out of the blue.

It is approx. 450€ to change the display here in Turkey, but I am wondering if there are any ways that I could open up the display connection part in my device by myself.

I just want to check the cables (in the display side) and make sure they are connected properly.

Thank you all in advance!


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1 Antwort

Hilfreichste Antwort

Sorry to hear you are having a problem with your internal display. Do you see this effect on an external display? If not then the issue is located within the internal displays logic. If you do see the effect on an external display then you have a logic board failure within the GPU logic which drives both internal and external displays.

So let’s talk about the cables a bit as this is more confusing than the older models. In the older design Apple used an eDP from the logic board directly into the lid where the ePD signal was then converted back to the needed raster signals the LCD needs to display the image we call this bit of logic the T-CON. You’ll often find digital TV’s and desktop displays have the same logic board.

So in your case we also have this connection but its a bit different here as unlike the older 2015 MacBook Pro retinal models this cable just moves the signal from the main logic board a few centimeters to the T-CON board which is located on the backside within the main case as you can see here

Block Image

The bare connector on the T-CON board is the eDP connection. Now keep in mind this cable between the main logic board does not flex! As both boards are anchored to the uppercase. The two cables at each end is what flexes every time you open and close the lid.

While a bit different than the FlexGate issue outlined here: The Design Flaw Behind MacBook Pro’s “Stage Light” Effect is where the backlight cable’s bending got into trouble. Apple fixed the issue by lengthening the cable as described here 2018 MacBook Pros Try to Solve Flexgate Without Admitting It Exists.

So why does this have a bearing here?? The point is the constant flexing does fatigue the cables so while your issue is very different they are born from the same issue! These display cables are not replaceable as they are part of the LCD panel and are soldered to the T-CON board as you can see here:

Block Image

So the bottom line here is you can’t fix this without replacing the full display as the iFixit guide goes over MacBook Pro 2017 13" mit FN-Tasten Display tauschen

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