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MacBook Pro Modelle mit 13 Zoll-Displays

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MacBook Pro won't turn on after display replacement

I had two broken MacBooks. One worked fine, except the display was broken. (tested on external monitor)

I just swapped a working display onto the Macbook. After replacing it the Mac is completely dead. Won't turn on, no Apple ding. Nothing.

I unplugged the battery during replacement just to be positive I couldn't short anything. No possible ideas what could have happened, but this is super depressing. What do you guys think.

Ps: I double checked everything, and cannot seem to find anything wrong with the logic board itself. Everything is plugged in.


Ok I tried the link you gave me and it started up. Both with the keyboard plugged in and with it unplugged. However, I still cannot start it with the power button. Any other ideas? Thanks


Well, I switched the working Logic board onto the top case of the other Mac I have. I can still power-up with the power-on pad, but the actual power-button us unresponsive. Idk what is going on, but "rdklnc" please let me know what you think if you read this. You seem very intelligent with this kind of issue. Thanks


Ok I am almost positive that both my top cases are broken. I tried both of them and with neither can I start it with the power button. My other Mac that does not even boot makes a little noise when using the power-on pad, but does not make any sound when trying to use the button. That tells me both the top cases are broke.

Would I need to order a new top case or would there be a cheaper option such as just replacing the keyboard or something? Thanks

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I too replaced the Retina display in a Macbook Pro 13" A1502, and it will only now turn on if i unplug the battery, then plug in the power.

It will work if i re-plug in the battery, or not before plugin the power in, but i MUST unplug the battery for a few seconds first, then plug in the power adapter.

Once you shut it down it will not come back on, no signs of life at all until you unplug the battery.

Please Help!


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Are you getting a light on the AC adapter?

I'd disconnect the power button from its corner and press it, just to make sure the problem isn't that it's not seated correctly.

If that doesn't work, I'd re-seat the keyboard cable, which is what connects the keyboard and power button to the logic board. It has to go pretty far into the socket, so perhaps it's not all the way in.

If that doesn't work, you can always trigger the power-on pads with a metal object while the keyboard connector is disconnected. This tests whether or not the board is working by itself, separate from the topcase hardware. You can find a link to a picture of the power-on pad location at the bottom of this page:


If it powers on, you know the board is good, and the problem is with your topcase or related hardware.

Also, if you have a second topcase from the other machine, you might want to try swapping that, but I'd only do it if the board powers up successfully via the power-on pads.

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i had last year sometime, broke my girlfriends white macbook a1181 screen.

got a replacement, fitted, the macbook wouldnt turn on.

not useful, but i then left it for months with no charge.

turned it on yesterday and it worked fine. (i now need to change the backlight)

-changed backlight and the same thing happened again.

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