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Intermittent grayed out WiFi and boot-loop

Hey guys

So I recently bought a cracked iPhone 8 with the intention of fixing it and flipping it. When I checked it out before buying, everything worked 100% fine. I’d say 1 out of every 8 reboots it will hang for a good 10 minutes on the apple logo. Sometimes after hanging there for a while it will boot up just fine like nothing ever happened. Sometimes it will hang indefinitely until the battery dies or it it iTunes restored. A simple hard reboot will not do it. The most common case is it will hang for a bit, boot and have grayed out WiFi until the phone has been rebooted. I’ve never seen it have grayed out WiFi without it hanging on the Apple logo. Upon further inspection, i’ve found the phone has some water damage. I sent the board out to a company (Along with a Audio IC iPhone 7), but they didn’t do anything to either phone aside break the 7 and send them back. The board doesn’t appear to have any visible corrosion, but there’s some by the Camera in the frame. I’m wondering what I should check to try and get this phone up and running normally again. Any and all responses appreciated. Thanks :)

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1 Antwort

You can start by ruling out parts. Put the logic board into a known good housing and screen.

If you haven’t got a known good housing remove the logic board and connect a known good battery, screen and dock connector.

If the problem still persists feel or put a bit of Isopropyl alcohol on the Wi-Fi chip and see if it is getting hot. If it is it may need replacing.

If you have a tristar tester I would check hydra. It has a line under it that would cause a boot-loop and greyed out Wi-Fi.

If Hydra and SWI lines are okay I would start taking some voltage measurements. The PP1V8_S2 and PP_VDD_MAIN lines would be where I would start since it is happening with greyed out Wi-Fi. Test the voltage while it is hanging on the apple logo.

If diode and voltage readings are all right it could mean you have a communications problem from the NAND or CPU. I would check and make sure the IC2 resistors are okay especially where the water went and around the CPU. If it has sustained a decent drop it might pay to check for cracks in the coils around the CPU as well.

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Thanks! Ill give it a shot when I get home


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