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Ein Android Smartphone hergestellt von Samsung Electronics und veröffentlicht am 2. Dezember 2015.

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Change screen failed, the screen is thicker than the original

Hi guys, i had try to change the screen of my phone that is original with a screen that i have buy from ebay. I have test the new screen and it’s ok, but when i try to mount the screen i have seen that it’s thicker than the original. There is someone thath can suggest me some solution ?



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There are a ton of these budget Samsung models. They may look very similar however parts for them differ slightly from model to model. You could have the wrong part. Could also be a low quality replacement since you got it from Ebay. I steer clear of these sites for parts since you never know what you are going to get.

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thanks for the reply, but I also bought the screen from Amazon with the same result, the screen is thicker. I think the problem is the type of screen because I have seen that there are two different types: TFT and OLED, in fact the first is thicker and less expensive than the second. I think you have a lot of experience, I have a question for you, when you need to replace a component of your smartphone that doesn't work, how do you look for this component?


Sorry about the late response. Most phones will have a model number on them. On most of the budget style Samsung's, this can be found on a sticker typically under the battery. I then go to me vendors with the part number and can get the correct parts that I need. As a general rule, I do not discuss who I get my parts from.


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