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Way to measure current mah capacity?

I extracted 6 18650 batteries out of an old laptop a while back. I burst charged them back to life, on 3 I soldered the batteries together and made 11.1v battery pack. I am noticing they drain rather fast though. Is there a way to measure the remaining capacity of each battery?

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@fegelein3290 typically you would measure voltage either open circuit or at a known (light) load, and then extrapolate from a curve of predicted discharge. Actually measuring how much current has flowed out of the battery is a more accurate approach and it is called “coulomb counting”. You need to look at the SOC (state of charge) for your battery as well as many other variables. Here is some interesting reading about that Microsoft Word - P356 EN-SOC.doc There is no easy way to determine how many mAh are left in your battery. Best place to learn about batteries imho is on here

Update (02/05/2020)

@fegelein3290 check the answer to this question Opinions What do you guys think of extended capacity batteries as well as this guide Evaluating High Capacity Batteries (Part II)

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OT, you could link to the Question where you did some iPhone battery analysis. It's the same principle and the same tools are used...


@refectio I would hate to confuse the OP with that attempt. Good to see you back every now and then. Hope everything okay with you ;>)


Well, it's a start for inquisitive minds...

Things are too busy to be on the forum every day but I'm trying to get a habit going again ;>).


as long as things are busy in a way you like it to be, good for you. It's just a forum and it can wait :>)


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