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Why does my cassette recorder shut off when recording. Its new

I have an ONN cassette recorder. Model #ONA12AV504. It plays, rewinds, fastfwd, stops and pauses fine. But when I try to record, it shuts off. If I hold the button, it clicks like it wants to shut off. I did that as an experiment. Why is it shutting off?

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Hi @jingshenkai ,

Please verify the model number as it gives no results online.

Did you check that the cassette tape’s record protection tab is intact and not broken, preventing the cassette tape from recording?

If the tab is broken off, cover the hole with a strip of adhesive tape so that you can record on the tape. Recording will erase anything that is already on there, that is why the tabs were generally broken off to prevent this from happening.

If the device is new and this is not the problem then return it for a manufacturer's warranty replacement

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