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AC 12V 820mA capatibility

I have a wall clock that says AC12V 820mA for the power supply. I need to purchase a replacement plug for a customer. DO I have to buy the plug that specifically says 820mA or is there a generic "output" that will work with this clock?

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What's the make and model number?


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@teefowl no you do not. Without seeing which plug you are taking about (male or female end) it is difficult to know for sure what you have going. From your description “wall clock that says AC12V 820mA” it sounds like you are looking for a barrel connector. Those are not bound by the mA just by the counterpart (barrel size) of the plug. Post some good pictures of the adapter and the plug that needs replacing to verify this. Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen

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