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Just replaced my optical disk drive. Still doesn't work!?

I have the ps4 pro. I just finished following the fixit guide replacing the optical drive which had stopped reading discs intermittently. I used this spare part:


Now it accepts and ejects discs, but won’t read them. Doesn’t even say “unknown disc”. It doesn’t make that whining sounds as when the disc spools up, which makes me believe the discs don’t spin!? Anyways, it doesn’t read my game-discs

What now?

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Well for starts, you bought the replacement part from eBay. Just about any parts on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, Wish, and AliExpress are cheap chinese crap. Try buying a replacement drive from ifixit’s store. It’s more expensive but there is a good reason for it. You get a good warranty and peace of mine.

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Well, that's not very useful since ifixit is out of stock when it comes to the PS4 pro optical drive… Otherwise I would have ordered it from here…

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