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Galaxy a50 wont charge, water damage

Hello. I'm repairing galaxy a505 (A50), that was droped im water but when i dry it, the phone turned on once then the battery was dead. I replaced the battery, and the phone, when you plug the charger in, show a circle with lightning bolt but when this disappear, you can turn on the phone and everything works fine, just dont charge. So I replaced the dock flex, got a new original one, but still the same. Wont charge but if you plug the charger in when turned off, it detects the charger but wont charge. Do you think that something is wrong with motherboard connector. I clean it but still the same. The water damage is seen just near the dock flex nowhere else. Thank you, for your answers.

Update (02/14/2020)

Thank you all for your answers. We determined,that the motherboard was damaged with water and have to replace it.

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I already replaced usb pcb, so i think that damage is on the main motherboard to. Thank you for your answer.


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Gorazd Preloznik  you did not tell us how you cleaned it. Water damage is the hardest to repair since virtually any part may got damaged. Assuming you cleaned it wll etc., and since you already replaced the battery, my next suspect would be a failed Charging port/USB PCB. I’d replace that next. Should be part number GH96-12616A. After that you know that the damage is definitely on the main PCB.

Update (02/17/2020)

@Gorazd Preloznik since you already replaced it you now know that the damage is actually on your motherboard. Time to take a look at that. Post some good pictures of that board with your question so we can try to assist you finding the problem

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hi can i ask question about my samsung A50? the charging pin of my phone has a water inside. thats why it is not charging anymore

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