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Repair information for the Dell Inspiron 15-5559 laptop.

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Inspiron 15 5567 laptop won't boot after cleaning the fan

Hi everyone, I have an Inspiron 15 5567 laptop I’m trying to fix, it did turn on yesterday but when taking the fan and heat sink the flex for the power button was pasted to it and it got yanked from it’s port.

There’s no visible damage on either the Flex, the contact points and the port or latch where it’s connected to, but the machine won’t turn on.

Last time i checked it it did flash the status led orange three times and then white but now it doesn’t even do that.

I’ve checked it with a multimeter, the ac Adapter gives a reading of 19.5 which it’s supposed to give, the pads on the dcin cable also read 19.5 and when connected the motherboard also reads 19.5.

And the pads on the port where the battery is connected give a reading of 12.3v

But the charging/status led stays off.

I even found the schematic,but I’m no Lewis Rossmann so I’m kinda lost, but I don’t know if i can post the link to the schematic here.

What would you all do?

I did test it with a similar 19.5 45w dell ac adaptor with no change on behaviour.

Thanks in advance and have a great day

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Laptops are a nightmare of risk every single disassembly....

You need firstly to disassemble it and look visibly for what possibly went wrong, became dislodged, disconnected in the process....

If your system won't boot after a cleaning, it could be as simple as a loose cable or as serious as damaged hardware, including but not limited to:

Thermal Paste

Loose Cables or Hardware

Hidden Dust Bunnies

Static Shock

Until you locate the issue, I advise you to try to access your important files or personal data by recovering them and make a backup before really practicing any repair.

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I Know, I’ve been working and opening laptops for at least 13 years, but i wasn’t expecting dell to glue the hecking flex of the power on board to the fan.

I already removed the motherboard form the machine, examined the flex and connector and confirmed it’s still soldered to the machine the contact points look intact on both the flex and connector, the latch it has for the flex still holds to the flex.

The problem is, the machine isn’t turning on, and i’m not sure if the power on card is the culprit.

I’m asking a friend of mine who also works repairing computers to lend me a machine that he has so we can test this one.

Wish me luck


You may test it and keep me updated ,thank you very much. Wish you good luck, of course.


Good afternoon, I believe I have a similar issue going on. Was this thread ever resolved?


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