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The fourth generation Nissan Altima (chassis model L32A) was announced at the 2006 New York Auto Show on April 12, 2006. It was the first vehicle to use the smaller Nissan D platform, with a new front and upgraded rear suspension.

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What’s wrong with my car?

As i was driving on the highway , my car stopped accelerating and made a “thump” and every light came on . my check engine light , oil change light and a orange triangle. i pulled over and shut it off for an hour and now when i turn it on it shuts off at 0 rpms . i had to get it towed , could this be my transmission?

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Did you check the engine oil level in the vehicle, you didn't say?

What is the exact year model of the vehicle?


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It sounds like it has gone into limp mode. the CVT transmission has a record(on Nissans) of going out anywhere from 60k to 100k.

Its not an easy or cheap fix.

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