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Front facing camera don't work after shell replacement


I’ve got the same problem with an iphone 8 and an 8 plus.

The back was cracked so I change the shell, everything work fine except for the front facing camera.

I’ve tried hard reset, reinstall, DFU, repluging the flex cable, replacing the part and nothing seems to be working.

I’ve take caution when unplunging the flex cable, nothing seems to have moved under the foam covering.

Some got an idea ?

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try swapping a know good front cam and back cam into the device, if that works then replace the old back cam and see if it still works and vice versa. had a few give me crap from time to time but maybe that helps.

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Well, i've no problems with the back cam, they work like a charm.

And the front camera was working prior to the shell replacements.

And I've try with an known good, and it's doesn't work either.


sounds like maybe a fpc connector. is your flash working? sounds like a stupid question but its all on the same circuit.


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