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Repair guides and support for tablets manufactured by Azend/Envizen.

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Why won't my tablet update?

I just bought a envizen digital tablet. I came with win 10 home ver 1511 and will not update. Have found out that 1511 is not supported by Microsoft since 2017. How do I get updates?

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Hi @davidprince ,

Have you checked that the Windows Update service setting is set to Automatic (delayed)?

Click on the Windows Start button, left side of Taskbar and then type services into the search box.

Click on the Services app and when in services scroll down to find the Windows Update service (alphabetical list).

Double click on the entry and check the startup type is set to Automatic (delayed start).

If you change the setting click OK.

Next go to Windows Start > Settings > Update and Security > Windows Updates and click on the Check for Updates link.

Make sure that you're online when you do this.

It may take a little while and if downloads are available then they will be very big. In the GB range.

Apologies if you’ve tried this already.

If still no good here’s a link that shows how to download and install Win 10 ver.1909

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