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The HP Pavilion dv9000 series was introduced in 2006.

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Best way to reflow?

I am looking into the heatgun, blocking the vents(wow, that will do MORE damage then good), reballing, replacing the board if I get the right donor

I have asked about the best way to implement data removal separately and actually made it understandable

How I deal with these laptops is very simple, clean the heatsink, get Artic Silver 5, replace the thermal pads on these ticking death clocks to keep them around longer(I get it, I CHOOSE to take these)

I will do this on ANY NVIDIA plagued laptop I need to fix to keep them from dying again as quick(I have worked on a friend's with a reflow, it lasted 2 years before it died, better then a year and then it died before)

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dv6/9 series are doomed

dont try to fix it at home

you need 220-230C to smelt the tin

but you kill the chip with 250C (celcius)

and it will brake again if not done properly

reballing with new tin would work for half a year

but the chip goes too hot by default so why bother?

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I was just a little critical about it


I came to my senses earlier and realized i was being a bit too critical


Aoyue 2702 + is a great rework station with digital thermal control. I would recommend using this or something similar if your interested in rework projects. its only $299.00 at Amazon and I've owned mine for 2 years without a problem.


Sorry forgot to add you can buy a can of super cool ( a refrigerant), its safe to use but don't directly in-hail it. it runs about $9.99 as well. You spray the chips periodically to help keep the chip below the 250C mark.


Using the refrigerant as you suggest is a VERY bad idea for a number of reasons including but not limited to causing bad solder joints, lifting chips off the board, warping the board and causing the board layers to separate.


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Give it to a computer shop and tell them to remove the gup chip set and use leaded solider. This issue occurs because HP used non leaded so it has a low melting point than leaded. I did the same thing and mines working fine its almost a year now. I also cut a hole in the bottom cover and added a extra PS3 fan to all the device to breath more heavily.. No problem with it now works like a charm no over heating issues .

Reball wit leaded solder!

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Is it possible to remove the discret GPU and use the onboard chip ???? remove physically and from BIOS or something? ( Of course...only after reflowing and being able to power on once again..)

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