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iPad mini 1 won't turn on (motherboard damage)

Recently I got this broken iPad mini for free. It doesn’t turn on or charge. It’s dead dead. I tried to charge it using my old iPhone charger, it’s taking 0.0000A. I took it down to a friend who owns a repair shop, he said there’s most likely a motherboard issue which wouldn’t be worth fixing. I don’t have any boardviews and I can’t really read board schematics. Can someone tell me if those 2 components are needed for the iPad to turn on/ charge? These seem to be the only 2 sketchy/missing things I could find. Seems like R47017 has a hole inside and R47016 is missing

Block Image

Block Image

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@pomikoli both of those resistors are part of our WiFi voltage circuitry. Doesn’t look like they are connected to anything that has to do with charging or starting up. Now the IC next to it is U47006 and it does not look to healthy either. I would ask myself what happened to those resistors for them to get so busted up. Short Circuit anywhere? You may need to consider replacing that IC as well. I’d do it for nothing but a learning experience forsure. Cost could be negligible for this repair.

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Hey, thank you for the answer. I have a broken board, equipment and a will to learn. The entire wifi chip area looks a bit shiny and scorched. Not even sure where to start with this one. Probably too hard to start my repair adventures on.


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