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Repair guides and teardowns for many Samsung older cell phones. This category is for phones not using an Android or Windows operating system.

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Clean Samsung Rugby II after water damage?

I fell into fresh lake water with my Samsung Rugby II SGH-A847 in my pocket. I imediately took out the battery and dried it off with a towel and set it in a hot truck to dry more. Samsung says this model is water resistant to 1 meter immersion. After several days drying it turned on displays the normal screen, but displays "searching" for the 3G network contimously. If you try and make a call it displays "emergency calls only". I took it to my dealer and he checked it with another SIM and said it is not the SIM.

Should I take it apart and spray it off with isopropyl alcohol to clean it. One circuit (short between two surface mount chip contacts?) seems to be shorted and causing it to not function. efertthing else seems to work.

Thanks much if anyone has any ideas.

P.S. Where do I get a manual for dissassembly directions?


Fredericton NB Canada

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take a look at this guide. Electronics Water Damage

it is very descriptive of how to clean the different parts. I do recomment trying the rice trick (Step 8).

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I fix water damaged phones every once in while at my job. i would remove the logic bored and soak it in a alcohol bath (rubbing alcohol) most purest possible. use a brush like a small decently thick bristle brush to brush the entire bored. let dry for 5 min and retry and see if it works.

Word of advice DO NOT put alcohol on the bored while it is attached to screen, alcohol can damage a screen.

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