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Glass only screen repairs removing frame

Hey so I’m looking to do a glass only screen repair and would like somebody to talk me through it, I have one main question though, most videos I’ve seen have shown people removing the frame first, is this a necessary step and if so why? My screen glass is very shattered and I’m confident I can remove it without taking off the screen, is it a necessary step?

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yes you need to remove frame in order to run wire though on hot plate be careful the ribbon wires at the bottom of the displays are very fragile also use 0.04 wire and high heat do not try to do it a different way it doesn’t work believe me i have tried

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Can you not run the wire through the screen and the glass while the frame is still on? My glass is extremely shattered I feel like I probably don’t need heat it’s shattered to a point where I could probably pick it off with my hands


no the frame on the screen prevents you from being able to fully run wire though

you need high heat 105c to 115 c at least this loosens the oca from the display oleds screens are very fragile

you use wire because it allows you to remove the glass some what safely remove the glass you could try and pick off the glass but glass broken glass have very sharp points and any of them could damage the screen


When you attempted to do it without removing the frame what happened? Was the frame a big obstruction?


ya the frame wraps around the display and prevents you from getting a good starting point to put your wire though


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