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Mobilversion von Apples iPad Air der 2. Generation. Modellnummer A1567

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Why does my screen look distorted?

Recently I sent my iPad to be fixed for broken screen (the LCD was intact), they separate the digitizer from the lcd and put a new digitizer on and keep the original lcd.

They did a good job fixing it, but after a day it began to have a distorted screen when I wake up the iPad. It goes away and function normally after a couples of seconds and sometimes for longer. When it goes away the screen looks and functions completely normal, the problem only occurs when the iPad is left a couple of hours not used.

It’s a odd problem, could it be loose cable fitting? Have anyone of experienced the problem before?

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Either a loose cable, highly unlikely if they put the metal cover back over the screen connectors or the screen has gone faulty, probably their bad luck from refurbishing the screen.

I have only experienced one similar problem like this but with a full grey screen and rarely showing normal display when trying to lock and wake it up, this is from getting a replacement screen from a supplier (refurbished ones), bought like 10, one comes up like this.

Have to return to back to where it was repaired for warranty :S

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Thank you for reply, I think I will try to open it up and check if there’s any loose cable


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