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The second generation HTC One—dubbed the HTC One (M8)—features a dual flash and the new Sense 6 UI, and was released March 25, 2014.

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Why wont my phone charge?

I dropped my phone and it will not charge after the drop. When plugged in, it turns on and off on a cycle and the battery logo comes on. It will show the logo for a few seconds and then continue on a loop.

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Cesar Ramos  the looping can be an issue with the battery/power. Check to make sure that the battery is still fully seated and that it makes proper contact and that the battery flex is not tore. You will have to do a bit of disassembly for that. In your phone case and if this still the original battery, I would replace it at the same time. HTC One M8 Akku austauschen

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