Ice maker works but water dispenser doesn't

The water filter is new. Pressure is built up from the supply line, but no water comes out the dispenser

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Hi @papadkren ,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?

You say that the filter is new, was the water dispensing when the old filter was in place?


The model # is 253-52332200

The water dispensed with the old filter. We came back from being away for 3 days, the furnace shut down because the thermostat batteries died and the house was at 50 degrees. Not sure if that played a part- but I read where a frozen line might be the problem?


Hi @papadkren,

Have you got a water filter bypass that you can try?

When you say "Pressure is built up from the supply line..." do you mean that the water inlet valve for the water dispenser is operating as it is a different solenoid to the one used for the ice maker?


Hmmm. Not sure about solenoids- but when I try to dispense water, and nothing comes out- if I release the filter (located at the top right front inside the door) water (under pressure) shoots out



Have you tried holding the water dispenser lever operated for a couple of minutes in case there is an air lock in the pipes?


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