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A2115 / 2019 / Prozessoren vom 3,0 GHz 6-core i5 bis zum 3,6 GHz 8-core i9. Kam am 19. März 2019 auf den Markt.

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Internal Microphone placement & connection imagery

This might be a little weird, I’m trying to get pictures and specific idea of where the microphone is on this iMac. I’ve tried various sources it seem that almost no one is interested in the on-board input microphone I'm trying to see:

  • Its route into the logic board or what have you?
  • Where is it situated as apple support claim it to be beneath the apple logo but by the quality of recordings I’m not sure.

As you can see I’m not very experienced at these things and it has been years since I used an iMac let alone looked at internals and would extremely appreciate any kind of help.

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Apple does tend to hide it well! In this series the microphone is with the iSight camera logic. A small slit in the aluminum case and a channel created by the adhesive strips to the edge of the glass and case. You can see it here:

Block Image

Block Image

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Great thank you so much its amazing.

I couldn't find anything nowhere well except some vague mention somewhere about it being behind the apple logo and since directly on the backside there's a safety slot I thought it might be a miss-interpretation

or could it be more than one microphone that can't be right? because those systems list only one internal microphone anyway I thought it might be possible they somehow embedded it into the apple logo which now sounds ridicules I do think I need to go back and see what went wrong and how I got this crazy idea but I wonder should I update here?

anyway thank you so much again


If you are looking for a better quality recording I would look at getting a simple line microphone which plugs into the headphone jack. But you'll loose the speaker.

Going with a USB DAC unit will allow you to plug in the line microphone or you could just go with a USB microphone like Audio-Technica AT2020USB+


I am kinda looking for the complete opposite thanks though

p.s. appearntly that vague mention leads to an apple support site I wonder if this is one of those infamous "tweeks" I keep hearing about or maybe the theory of two microphones isn't so farfetched



I don't think Apple is offering a true stereo mic setup. Apple can surprise us moving things about. The 2015 & 2017 models had the mic on the top. It's possible the mic was moved to the bottom. Sorry for misleading you ;-{


no you definitely helped

I'm not sure if its true I guess until someone opens one and answers we won't know for sure but until then the information you gave is still valuable to me

and I appreciate it I


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Actually this answer is incorrect.

As of the 2017 model(so includes 2019 models), it’s as follows:

The Isight camera is still located as mentioned at the top of the display.

The microphone and cable are located at the bottom of the Imac, about 1/3rd from the right.

It’s connected with a tiny flatcable to the logic board.

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But has anyone encountered the muffled recording after reassembly making sure the adhesive tape is not covering the mic?

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Haven't yet sealed this 2019 21.5" 4K iMac that I'm working on yet but it seems muffled even without ANY adhesive on the screen anywhere at all, just tape and a service wedge holding it in while I test. It is possible that I don't have tje display perfectly aligned.. not sure how the sound is supposed to get from the user into the microphone in this location. I know the previous models had a small cutout in the aluminum, maybe this model has passthroughs in the display?


Same Problem with 5 iMac 27"; muffled mics without been covering by adhesives...


Did you push the old adhesive into the hole or use a solvent which dripped in?

Carefully remove the microphone assembly and use a toothpick to clean the holes.


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My iMac 2017 shows the microphone picks up if I tap on the computer but it does not pick up voices. I tried plugging in a usb mic as well as apple headphones with a mic and it does not pick up voices then either. Suggestions for repair. I am running latest operating system. Followed numerous suggestions about adjusting settings and nothing works.

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