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Repair guides and support information for Azpen tablets.

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Azpen A1046 will no come on

I bought my husband a Azpen A1046 and it will no come on . The trouble shooting page says to reset by inserting a paper clip in reset hole, but doesn’t say where it is on the side..

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Is the tablet indicating that it is charging or charged when you just connect and switch on the charger to the tablet?

Just verifying that you are holding the tablet’s Power button for 3 seconds when you go to turn it on, is this correct?

Here’s a video which shows here the reset hole is located in an Azpen A1040 which may help. It is seen at 0:42 seconds into the video. I realize that this is not your model but it should be close enough.

It is a recessed button switch in a paperclip sized hole. You should feel it operate when you gently insert an opened paperclip

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The hole on mine that somebody said was the reset hole is marked on mine as being the mic.


@Bobby Harger

What is the model number of your tablet?


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Hello I bought a azpen tablet model number A1046 on the Facebook classifieds and it's skiing for a 4 digit pin number I don't know I have hard factory reset and still not able to use what can I do to get into the tablet to work

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