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Wi-Fi Version des iPad Air 2, Modellnummer A 1566.

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Accessory fan damaged my iPad?

Hello. I got a lightning accessory fan from Dave and busters. I have migraines so I figured it was perfect to aim directly at my head since it really helps. I used it with my iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone XS Max with no issues. Well,surprise surprise,my iPad Air 2 stopped powering it within 5 minutes. It won’t charge now. I wish I knew the brand of the fan so I could go after them.

But in the meantime,I do have microsoldering skills and good equipment(hakko fx 888d,quick 861dw,amscope sm something). But I gave up soldering a while ago. I don’t know a whole lot about iPhone circuits off the top of my head. But I think it’s likely Tristar.

Do you guys think I’m right? Before I delve into troubleshooting and opening the iPad(which I dread opening so much!),do you guys agree it’s likely this? Has anyone here personally had this type of thing happen with stupid ******* accessories? Does the Tigris circuit have anything to do with powering accessories?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m not asking for plz bro solutions. I’m just curious if anyone has had this experience before.

Thank you.

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This is certainly typical of a Tristar failure. The iPad Air 2 does not have a Tigris IC, all of those functions are handled by the PMIC. So regardless of wether you or a shop attempts the repair, Tristar will have to be the first option and hope that it is not PMIC related. While you have the iPad opened up, I would check the condition of the charge port by looking for cracks right near where the metal part of the port is soldered onto the flex. If you can see cracks on the flex, then change the port as it will fail much sooner than later. A good clue as to the flex cracking is if the retaining screws are loose.

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Thank you very much for your response.


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