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The Jeep Grand Cherokee was redesigned for the 1999 model year; the 2000 models have minimal changes. This model is also known as Jeep WJ.

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Why won’t my interior lights turn on when the doors open?

About a week ago my interior lights stopped coming on when I would open the doors. All the lights still work, they won’t turn on automatically when the doors open. I can not figure out the problem

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Take a look for a lighting relay or fuse especially if it doesn’t matter which door is not triggering the lights. Most likely the wiring from each door switch comes together at a relay and the relay contacts are what enable the lights to come on. Sorry I don’t have details on the specific model but you might be able to locate one or two fuse/relay boxes (normally one under hood and possibly one below the steering console around the gas or brake pedal area. Good luck!

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