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phone speaker stopped working

Why would the speaker on my phone stop working, 4 months old it quit yesterday, how an I get it working again?

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Hi buddy.

There are quite a few things that could happen. It could be loose wires or perhaps you've dropped the phone and the speaker got damaged. If it is brand new I'd advise you to get it checked by the experts on the guarantee. If second hand then it would be the best to replace the whole speaker if you're unfamiliar with repairs yourself.

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hi @bmwashburne

when it comes to mobile phones repair, you must be able to take voltage readings with either opening the phone and using probes or using a usb ampmeter to verify voltages being input to the phone. without these tools, you will never know what is truly causing the issue here. in the case of no audio, unless it was physically damaged, i doubt the speaker would be bad. in this case, it may be the audio ic that has failed. only way to know is to be able to take readings internally. since this is a new phone, i recommend contacting the manufacturer and/or the store it was purchased from.

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