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Adhesive for camera and fingerprint when repairing back panel?

Just wondering aside from getting a new back panel and the adhesive for it … what would i need to properly get the camera lens and fingerprint scanner installed on the replacement back cover? This is my first repair so I am just making sure I’ve covered everything I need.

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Definitely avoid super glue for starters. If you buy the black Tesa tape it should work just fine. Sometimes you can find the precut strips for components if not you can by a roll of the stuff and kinda make your own.

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So I'd still lose the water proofing that the device originally had with that. Am i wrong?


Yes. If you break the screen or back glass, you've already broken the water resistant seal. Although you can sometimes find the pre-cut adhesive, it may not match the OEM quality and in some cases, you need a special machine to check the seal.


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