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Loud Clicking Ratcheting Sound During Agitation - Kenmore 110.92596100

Today, my Kenmore 110.92596100 washing machine started making a loud metallic clicking/ratcheting noise when agitating. There are no abnormal noises during filling or spinning, just during agitation.

The agitator dogs were replaced a few months ago, for the first time since new (about 25 years) and appear to still be operating as they should.

I have included a link to a video of the sound to help remove some speculation on the diagnosis. https://garage-scene.com/hosted_images/2...

To date, this machine has not needed any maintenance, other than agitator dogs and the lid switch.

Please help me to diagnose my washing machine. If I need to begin disassembling the machine to examine and rule out parts, and follow up here, I can do that.

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Update: I removed the sheet metal, bypassed the lid switch, filled the tub, and let the machine agitate. There was no noise. There is no rust anywhere. The 3 tub springs were intact and the vertical spring was intact. All springs look like new and are lubed at their attaching points. There is no oil leakage on the floor.

The noise hasn't returned in the last few days.

For now, I am happy the noise has vanished, but it is still a mystery.


Maybe one for Loretta @ladytech


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Sometimes the plastic piece that slides on to the inner agitator before the outer agitator goes on, will get in a bind and cause that noise.

There is also a coupler between the motor and transmission that will crack and make that sound.

Something caught between the inner and outer tub will make all kinds of noise until it’s washed out.

Something that made its way to the pump will make noise until it’s washed out.

You will have to follow the noise. Remember, new parts can fail too. Just because the dogs were recently replaced, doesn’t mean they are exempt from failing.

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Thank you, LadyTech.


@t5montecarlo Your welcome. Your direct drive washer is, in my opinion, the best washer ever made. I was a rookie technician with Sears in 85’ or 86’ when Whirlpool started manufacturing them. I was fascinated by how simple the design was compared to all the other brands then and especially now. Thirty plus years later, no one has been able to design a washer that even compares to it, not just on how simple it is to repair, but also how well its built and cleans the clothes. Although its not being manufactured any more, there are still a lot that are still going strong at 20 plus years old. It’s a keeper. You would be very disappointed if you bought a new washer today. None come close to cleaning like it. None today will last much longer than 6-10 years.


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